lauren mcdougall

tell me when the sheep come, 2020


tell me when the sheep come was a project I completed during the first lockdown in March 2020, I used this project to explore and examine the relationships I had with myself, my space and my partner. I created a theory that time in the space I was living stood still, as days were repeating I remained static. However, the outside was moving and growing as nature began a process of restoration due to the lack of human impact. Thinking of nature recovering - the swans returning to the Venice canals and carbon dixiode levels decreasing to an extreme low, this gave me a sense of comfort admist the panic of the pandemic. I noticed how disconnected I felt from the enviroment, I felt like I could never fully immerse myself in nature on my daily walks, without the feeling of being contaminated, therefore a repressed longing to be oustide with no restrictions was introduced to my practice. I began a methodology of extraction within my collage work, stripping substances of its essential needs and documenting it’s deteriortion, for example the flowers in which I brought from the outide, depriving them of the fundamental elements which they need to survive, and situating them with me in the space that stood still. This project allowed me to comprehend the surreal situation of the pandemic by taking the time to reflect on myself and recognise the fundamental elements I need in order function.