lauren mcdougall 


 tell me when the sheep come, 2020 


Amidst the chaotic backdrop of the pandemic, I embarked on a conceptual journey with my project, "tell Me When the Sheep Come," delving into the intricate dynamics of self, space, and nature.

I contemplated the juxtaposition of stagnant time within my living quarters with the flourishing resurgence witnessed in the external world.

This observation evoked a poignant sense of disconnection from nature, prompting me to explore this theme through my artistic lens.

In my exploration, I employed collage as a medium, a deliberate choice to symbolize fragmentation and reconstruction. By extracting natural elements from the external world and depriving them of their vitality within the confines of my static space, I sought to unravel the essentialities of human existence amidst the pandemic's surreal landscape.

Through this conceptual framework, I grappled with existential questions, finding solace in the artistic process as a means of confronting and understanding the profound shifts occurring within myself and the world around me.