Lauren McDougall is a multi-disciplinary artist, currently situated in Glasgow, Scotland.

Lauren works within the intricate depths of feminist frameworks, delving deep into the nuanced dynamics that define the relationships between women, theirselves, nature and the constructs of society.

At the heart of Lauren’s practice lies a surrealistic reinvention of the female form, culled from the archives of artworks, advertising, and the vast expanse of pornography.Through this juxtaposition and recontextualisation, Lauren embarks on an interrogation of the Western portrayals of women, both historic and contemporary, unraveling and reshaping the narratives that permeate cultural consciousness.

Lauren's methodology delves deeply into these themes, placing particular emphasis on the intersection with the digital era. In addition to fusing analogue techniques with digital processes in her artistic practice, she adeptly harnesses the pervasive influence of technology as a transformative lens.

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2018-2021 BA (Hons) Photography - London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

2018 NPA Photography, Sighthill Campus, Edinburgh College, Edinburgh


2019 End of Year Exhibition, London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, London

2021 UAL Graduate Showcase, London College of Communication (online)

2021 Graduates Salon, Photo London, Somerset House, London

2022 Gallus Gallus, Open House Hackney, London

2024 (upcoming) Burn It, Venue MOT, London

2024 (upcoming) Fallacious Memory, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath


2021 “Carnepolitics: The Meatification of women and animals” published in Emergencies: Notes for the Future Monument

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2021 Nomination for the Aesthetica Magazine art prize

2021 Photo London Graduate Prize

2021 Metro Imaging Mentorship Award


2022 ‘Additions’ in 17:23 MAGAZINE ISSUE 33 VOL.2 2022

2022 Focus Magazine Summer 2022, DGUnlimited

2022 ‘Additions’ in MOB Magazine VOL 25 ISSUE 14