lauren mcdougall


the dissection of guy bourdin, 2021, collage & video series

The project titled "The Dissection of Guy Bourdin" is a research-oriented endeavor focused on examining the objectification and sexualisation apparent in the works of Guy Bourdin. Through the reappropriation and manipulation of images featured in his publication "EXHIBIT A" and archived behind-the-scenes footage from various shoots, the project initiates a process aimed at deconstructing the male gaze and fostering a reclamation of the female form.

By distorting the human body to resemble an extraterrestrial entity, the project showcases an alternative portrayal of the female form, liberated from objectifying gazes and sexualisation. This portrayal of alienation serves to underscore the rarity with which we encounter an authentic representation of women—namely, a depiction devoid of influences from male desires—in societal institutions and the realm of art.

 Click here  to view the video works created for this project.