lauren mcdougall                                          the dissection of guy bourdin, ongoing

The dissection of Guy Bourdin is a research based project, investigating the objectification and sexualisation evident in the woorks of Guy Bourdin. By reappropriating and distorting images included in his publication ‘EXHIBIT A’ and archived behind the scenes footage of various shoots, I begin a process of dismantling the male gaze and reinstating a reclaimation of the female form. By distorting the body to look like an extraterrestrial being, we witness a version of the female form, free from all objectifying gazes and sexualisation. This alienation represents how rarely we percieve an accurate representation of women, a female presented in societal institutions and the art world, without any influences of the male desire, is alien to us. This project also consists of a moving image piece, to view this piece, click here